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#1 Re: Trains, Cars, R/C » RX32d Firmware » 2016-03-24 07:55:00

Hi, v351 does not have serial/sumppm code installed in Rx32d. The older v344 and v352 released yesterday do. The only way to replace the software is to send them back to me in the UK. Please email me for my address.
Regards, David.

#3 Re: Trains, Cars, R/C » Tx2 failure » 2016-02-12 14:44:58

Hi, If the voltage exceeds 10v then you need a diode to reduce the voltage. If it's not that then you need to ask your supplier for a new Tx2 please. That may need to be changed to Profile 1 for Tx22.
Regards, David.

#4 Re: Trains, Cars, R/C » RX31c Firmware » 2016-02-06 08:34:23

Thanks. You are correct. The program has a bug. I start the checksum with rssi but then zero it before adding the other bytes in a loop. Thanks for letting me know.
Regards, David.

#5 Re: Trains, Cars, R/C » RX31c Firmware » 2016-01-29 20:33:45

Hello, I make this receiver. It will bind to DSMX if the Tx allows this. If the Tx has a setting to force DSM2 then it will use that. Look under Frame Rate on Spektrum Tx's.

I believe serial checksum does include byte2 but please post all your bytes or email them to me.

I think the led blinking means it is missing some frames. It's not normally a problem as there are two transmission every 22ms but it does mean my timing in the Rx does not cater for all scenarios. I have made a note to look at it.

I have been too busy to create a web page for the latest version. Sorry. There's not much different although the pad channel order has changed. This is should be correct on the packaging supplied.
Regards, David.

#6 Re: Trains, Cars, R/C » DelTang for LGB model trains » 2015-10-18 18:32:23

Hi. I make the DelTang products. I'm guessing Rx65-22 with Tx22 but my products are rated by voltage and current. Volts determine speed. Lipo voltages range from around 3.0v when flat to 4.2v fully charged (per cell). Current should be measured with the motor stalled at max voltage you intend using. I hope this helps.
Regards, David.

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