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Hello all


I'm Sam (username SamM).  I am a longtime software developer (>15 years) and I live in Edmonton.

I just got started with hardware/robotics today at a Nodebots event down at JSFest in Oakland, California.  I was having so much fun that I picked up a couple of arduinos and a starter kit and have been playing with them in my hotel room.   I'm heading home early tomorrow morning; I hope the TSA doesn't freak out when I try to carry my stuff onto the airplane.

Here's my hotel bed workspace - just getting started...

I'm very comfortable with C / C++ and javascript development, so if there any questions about software issues, I'd be happy to help answer them.

At this meetup we were using Tessel components, which are really really easy to use -- any chance that Diigiit will be bringing them in to Canada?  Website is tessel.io


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Diigiit Sales
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Re: Hello all

Hello Sam,

Thank you for pointing out Tessel products. We are going to look at their products and contact them if we find it could be a good match with Diigiit.

Welcome to the forum!


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