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Small size distance sensor

Do you guys know any small size distance sensor that could be used for a small (really small) quadcopter project?
The Parallax Ping)) Sensor and Maxbotix are too large. The Devantech SFR10 is slighty smaller but quite expensive.
I can see IR sensor with a sensing distance up to 80 cm probably not enough for a quadcopter.
It looks like the CrazyFly quadcopter is not using any distance sensor.
What kind of sensor would you suggest me?

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Diigiit Sales
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Re: Small size distance sensor

The Sharp GP2Y0A02 is an optical distance sensor that can detect obstacles up to 150 cm. This is a good alternative to ultrasonic sensors like the HC-SR04 for instance. The GP2Y0A02 output voltage is proportional to the sensing distance making it very simple to use.
The GP2Y0A02 package size is 29.5 mm x 13 mm x 21.6 mm; this is quite small as compared to the HC-SR04 or the LV-MaxSonar-EZ0 for instance.

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