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Who is SherpaDoug

I am an engineer with almost 30 years experience with environmental sensors, oceanographic instruments, and robotics. 

I am still working on improving the LampRay, a robot I helped design in 1998 that crawls underwater on the bottom of a ship and inspects the paint, hull thickness, hull shape, and galvanic potential.  It has been used on a lot of casino boats and is currently used on US Navy ships.

I have also worked for two companies designing buoyancy gliders and another company where I designed a "swimming eyeball" ROV used by the Canadian customs service to inspect arriving freighters for "attachments" which could be anything from a suitcase full of drugs hidden on the bottom of the ship, to something as serious as smuggled nukes.

I also have made a compressed air powered animated zombie suit for a laser tag haunted house.


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Re: Who is SherpaDoug

Hello SherpaDoug,

Welcome to this forum. Your background is quite impressive!

I hope you will be able to share your experience and maybe present some of the projects you've been working on in the Underwater robotics forum.

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Re: Who is SherpaDoug

Would you happen to have any videos or a way to share the swimming eyeball? I would love to see it in action an read about the mechanics behind it.


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