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Faulty Odroid XU4


I'm Nicola, 25 years old from Italy, I bought an Odroid XU4 from you 2 weeks ago, it worked fine for 1 week then it stopped booting.
I suspect it is a power related issue, the board was running fine with the following peripherals attached to it: an usb mouse, an usb keyboard, an usb wifi dongle and an HDMI display. Mouse, keyboard and dongle were connected to the board using an external usb hub powered through a dedicated adapter.
Suddenly the board stopped booting, if I try to power it the red power led turns on but doesn't stay solid, it blinks instead, the fan does not spin.
This happens regardless of whether the sdcard is plugged or not, and even if there are no peripherals connected to the board.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Faulty Odroid XU4

Hello Nicola,

Why are you suspecting a power issue?

The board can stop booting if you change something to the default installation or boot switch has been changed. The other possibility is that the board has a defect.

Please post the issue on Odroid forum and once they say to contact your distributor, please contact us again by email. We'll provide you details to return the product offline.



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