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Diigiit Sales
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2014 Diigiit Robotics Forum Competition

Diigiit Robotics Forum Competition Rules
  • any registered member can participate to the competition except Diigiit Robotics moderator or any Diigiit Robotics employee

  • member will receive points for any relevant contribution to the forum

  • members with the highest number of points received by December 31st, 2014 will the winners

  • to get the maximum number of points for a specific topic member should properly use BBCode, add images (no more than 2 per post), schema, code sample, provide enough technical details, etc ...

You will get the lowest of the following table of points for each contribution
  • 0 point: the post is not related to robotics or is a copy of a post found somewhere else on the internet

  • 0.5 point: the post is ONLY a plug for a commercial product or a business

  • 1 point: present yourself to the forum

  • between 0 and 2 points: reply to a post

  • between 2 points and 10 points: show your work space

  • between 2 points and 20 points: create a tutorial or present a project

  • 20 points bonus for the most popular threads. Have 5 points minimum to receive a price.

Competition rank explained as of December 24th


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Re: 2014 Diigiit Robotics Forum Competition

Good luck to all!!!


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